extra wide table shield with four topsextra wide table shield with four tops

162 cm extra wide table shields


Extra wide table shields with flexible curtain and two versions of the 57 cm accessory rail included. Available with or without top shields.

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  • Extra wide table shields reduce exposure to the scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body.
  • Shields easily mount to either side of the table allowing the pivotal arm to always face the head end.
  • A lightweight, durable structure supporting a flexible lead curtain (0.5 mm lead equivalent).
  • The extra wide table shields have a 162 cm wide x 75 cm high curtain providing a safe zone of occupancy.
  • 72 cm wide attachment bracket slides onto a 25 mm or 28.6 mm high tableside accessory rail (max. 11 mm depth).
  • Securing the handle position allows the shield to overhang the rail end or be repositioned further along the table.
  • 57 cm long accessory rail – one 25 mm x 10 mm supplied and fitted, one 28.6 mm x 9.5 mm supplied.
  • The pivotal arm and middle links can swivel outwards to form a 48 cm, or 85 cm wing, or inwards to conform to the shape of the table.
  • The self-adjusting friction pivot prevents the curtain from moving whilst the table is tilting.
  • The curtain’s 0.5 mm lead equivalent layer is bonded to its outer covering meaning the protective layer cannot tear or fall away unnoticed.
  • Curtain forms around an under-table X-ray tube without impeding movement.
  • Detachable standard height top shields overlap to provide additional x-ray protection (108 cm wide) to the upper body.

312/DS-039/9/4 includes standard height top shields for additional x-ray protection:
1 x 57 cm wide semi-flexible, fold-down/lift-off top shield. (312/DS/3.115)
2 x 27 cm wide, semi-flexible, lift-off top shield. (312/DS/3.30)
1 x 27 cm wide, short, semi-flexible, lift-off top shield. (312/DS/3.41)