Head end shield for X-ray protection, including a fold-down topHead end shield for X-ray protection, including a fold-down top

Head end shield with fold-down top shield


Lightweight and durable structure for an Allura AD7 table. Fixed central section and two pivotal side arms supporting a flexible curtain. Semi-flexible fold-down top shield included.

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Head end shield 313/A3 with optional wall rack

  • Including a fold-down top shield
  • For use on a 500 mm wide Allura AD7 table only.
  • Detachably mounted onto the head end of the table top.
  • Shield slides onto the 4 mm carbon fibre table top and maintains its position even when the table is tilted.
  • A lightweight, durable structure supporting a flexible lead curtain (0.5 mm lead equivalent).
  • Fixed middle section (57 cm), and two pivotal side arms (31 cm each).
  • Side arms can be formed around the user, individually extended forward along the table side, or folded neatly away according to preference.
  • The pivotal arms can be quickly re-positioned to allow full C-arm movement.

Top shield

  • A flexible 57 cm wide x 27 cm high top shield is included and can be folded down, or removed completely when required.


  • An optional wall rack is available for storing the shield when it is removed from the table,
  • The pivotal arms of the shield can be folded inwards to reduce wall space to a minimum.

Size: width 119 cm x 80 cm high.
Weight: 15kg.