Wall rack holding four removable X-ray protective topsWall rack holding four removable X-ray protective tops

Wall rack for top shields


Convenient and secure storage locations for removable Kenex top shields.

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Wall rack for removable top shields (312/W-TOP)

Providing a secure storage location for the removable upper tops used on Kenex lower body radiation shields (type 312, standard or reduced height). Maximum configuration of one 57 cm wide top and two 27 cm wide tops. Any top shield used in conjunction with the Kenex range of lower body radiation shields easily drops into slots machined into this strong, plastic rack. The compact size enables the tops to be located within a small area. Offering a convenient and secure storage location.

  • Accommodating 1 x 57 cm wide tops, and 2 x 27 cm wide tops.
  • Dimensions: width 600 mm, depth 108 mm, height 108 mm.
  • Weight: 1 kg.

Please note, that shielding is not included.