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92 cm wide shields

312/DS-006, -007

92 cm wide lower body table shield with a double friction joint and optional top shields.

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  • Reduces exposure to scatter radiation emanating from the table or patient’s body.
  • Easily mounts to either side of the table allowing pivotal arm to always face the head end.
  • Lightweight, durable structure, supporting a flexible lead curtain (0.5 mm lead equivalent).
  • 92 cm wide x 70 cm high curtain providing a safe zone of occupancy.
  • 29 cm wide attachment bracket slides onto a 25 mm or 29 mm high tableside accessory rail (max. 11 mm depth).
  • Securing the handle position allows the shield to overhang the rail end or be repositioned further along the table.
  • Pivotal arm with double friction joint can swivel outwards to form a 46 cm or 63 cm wing.
  • Self-adjusting friction pivot ensures no unwanted curtain movement, even when the table is tilted.
  • Curtains 0.5 mm lead equivalent layer is bonded to its outer covering meaning the protective layer is unable to tear or fall away unnoticed.
  • Curtain forms around an under table x-ray tube without impeding movement.

312/DS-007 includes 2 x semi-flexible, lift-off top shields:
1 x 57 cm wide (312/DS/3.32)
1 x 27 cm wide (312/DS/3.30)