Mobile, height adjustable detector holderMobile, height adjustable detector holder
Showing unlimited positioning of detector holderShowing unlimited positioning of detector holder

Mobile detector holder counterbalanced

1330/3, 1330/4, 1330/5

Stable and compact design where portable DR Panels, CR, DR cassettes & film cassettes can be positioned at any angle.

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These versatile Kenex holders can be used with portable DR panels, CR, DR and film cassettes/grids. Telescopic width adjustment allows for cassettes/image receptors from 24.5 cm wide up to 53.5 cm wide and up to 3 cm thick. They roll smoothly on large quick locking castors and facilitate examinations in accident & emergency departments, operating rooms, and radiographic rooms. The heavy duty base gives a low centre of gravity, which helps provide a precise, stable, and safe imaging platform. Vertical movements are counterbalanced for simple and quick height adjustments.

The holder is particularly suitable for cross-table views, sometimes with the DR panel or cassette positioned slightly below the table top to eliminate image cut-off. It also assists in acquiring fast skyline views of the patellar, or effective views of the shoulder with the patient on the table or in a chair.

The sides of the holder can be quickly extended or retracted to secure different sizes. These telescopic adjustments present a compact platform with no protruding parts. The holder can be turned, tilted, and orientated to suit any desired examination position. It can therefore be placed above, beside, below, or beneath a table or trolley. It is adjustable for height from floor level to 129 cm (measured from the lower edge of the DR panel or cassette) and can overhang the X-ray or operating table by up to 62 cm.

Counterbalanced mobile DR detector and cassette holder

  • Stable and compact design.
  • Unlimited orientation and positioning opportunities.
  • Telescopic width adjustment for cassettes/image receptors from 24.5 cm wide up to 53.5 cm wide.
  • Holds portable DR Panels and CR/film cassettes from 24 x 30 cm to 35 x 43 cm.
  • Can hold full leg/spine image receptors of any length.
  • Height adjustable from floor level to 129 cm.
  • Counterbalance mechanism included for effortless raising or lowering.
  • Overhangs table or trolley by up to 62 cm.
  • Accepts cassette and image receptors up to 30 mm depth.
  • Twin wheel 12.5 cm diameter castors with roll and swivel locks ensure effortless movement.
  • Castors are fitted with guards to prevent the pedestal running over cables.
  • Heavy base and low center of gravity gives added stability.
  • Smooth easy to clean hardwearing surfaces.

1330/3: 6.7 kg counterbalanced load
1330/4: 4.2 kg counterbalanced load
1330/5: 2.5 kg counterbalanced load