Mobile surgical lamp on a four legged baseMobile surgical lamp on a four legged base

Mobile surgical lamp LED 6MC


LED 6MC lamp with power supply, suspension arm and 4 leg mobile base.

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Mobile surgical lamp LED 6MC

Almost perfect colour rendition
With almost perfect colour rendition values of Ra = 98 and R9 (red) = 99, you can easily discern the finest colour nuances in tissue.
To also recognise the different red tones of the wound area, an exact rendition of the red colour range is essential. Rendering index R9 (red) = 99 means the surgeon recognises details much more easily. The colour spectrum of the wound area appears natural with rich contrast. The OT-light is also noticeably more comfortable for the eyes. The colour spectrum of the wound area appears natural with rich contrast.

Outstanding depth illumination
One of the highlights of the new Mach LED 6MC is the cascade system. Different lens types are used in this system. These lenses have their focusing at 70, 100 and 130 cm. As a result, a vertical focusing of the light beam throughout the depth of the wound canal can be achieved. Thus, the surgeon no longer needs to manually re-adjust the light when the depth of the operating field increases.

Antibacterial coating
For maximum hygiene in the operating theatre, the new generation of surgical lights have a closed, easy-to-clean surface. In addition, they have an antimicrobial coating that prevents the growth of microorganisms and thus helps to avoid infections.

  • Mobile surgical lamp is available with mains power supply.
  • Arm reach: 110 cm.
  • Height range: 83 -246 cm.

LED 6MC lamp head:

  • Colour rendering index Ra 98.
  • Focusable light field size: 18 cm to 30 cm.
  • Light intensity at 1 metre distance: 140,000 Lux.
  • Working distance: 70 cm to 160 cm.
  • Colour temperature adjustable: 3750, 4000, 4250, 4500, 4750 Kelvin.
  • Temperature increase at head area: 0.5oC.
  • Total power consumption: max 89W.
  • Light source: 69 LED’s.
  • Life span 60,000 hours.
  • Electronic light intensity control at lamp head: 5% to 100%.
  • Diameter of lamp head: 58 cm.
  • Laser pointer (optionally available).
  • Wall panel control (optionally available).
  • Camera & video enabled (optionally available).
  • Detachable sterilizable handle included.