Mobile rack


Mobile rack combinations for head end shield, lower body table shield & upper removable top shields.

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Convenient storage of:
1 x Kenex head end shield (types 313, please specify model when ordering).
1 x Kenex lower body table shield (types 311 & 312).
1 x set of three top shields.

  • Ideal for use in departments where space for wall storage racks is restricted or unsuitable.
  • Occupies a small floor area (61 cm x 67 cm) when shields are parked and folded.
  • Has large lockable castors which include front guards to push aside any floor cables.
  • Heavy, easy rolling base safeguards against toppling even when fully loaded.
  • Height: 150 cm.
  • Weight: 46 kg.
  • Shielding not included.