Mobile, height adjustable detector holderMobile, height adjustable detector holder
Showing unlimited positioning of detector holderShowing unlimited positioning of detector holder

Counterbalanced mobile DR detector and cassette holder (GE)

1330/4/1 (GE #E06731BL)

Stable and compact design where portable DR Panels, CR, DR cassettes & GE FlashPads can be positioned at any angle.

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  • For weights < 4.2 kg
  • Stable and compact design.
  • Unlimited orientation and positioning opportunities.
  • Holds portable DR Panels, CR, DR cassettes & GE FlashPads from 24 x 30 cm to 35 x 43 cm.
  • Can hold full leg/spine image receptors of any length.
  • Telescopic width, adjustable from 24.5 cm to 53.5 cm.
  • Height adjustable from floor level to 129 cm.
  • Counterbalance mechanism included for effortless raising or lowering.
  • Overhangs table or trolley by up to 62 cm.
  • Accepts cassette and image receptors up to 37 mm depth.
  • Twin wheel 12.5 cm diameter castors with roll and swivel locks ensure effortless movement.
  • Castors are fitted with guards to prevent the pedestal running over cables.
  • Heavy base and low center of gravity gives added stability.
  • Smooth easy to clean hardwearing surfaces.