Mobile lead screen offering protection from scatter radiationMobile lead screen offering protection from scatter radiation

Mobile lead shield, height adjustable


Ideal for use in confined areas close to the tableside. Optional protective side panels available.

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Mobile lead shield – 310/B-3

  • Compact and easily manoeuvred into position.
  • 78 cm wide x 102 cm high lower steel panel, 1.0 mm Pb equivalent.
  • 70 cm wide lead acrylic window, 0.5 mm Pb equivalent.
  • Counterbalance so the window has no apparent weight and can be height adjusted quickly.
  • The window can be raised and lowered between 115 cm and 188 cm high (from the floor).
  • The mobile lead shield occupies minimal space when the window is lowered after use.
  • Equipment hand controls can attached to the optional accessory rail.
  • Full width rails are factory fitted and available in two sizes: 8 x 25 x 769 mm or 10 x 25 x 769 mm.

Optional accessory rails

  • Shield 310/B-3 with rail 10 x 25 x 769 mm – 310/B-3/31.
  • Shield 310/B-3 with rail 8 x 25 x 769 mm – 310/B-3/91.

Optional protective side panels – 317/05-01

  • Flexible 0.5 mm curtain on a double jointed pivotal arm that can swivel around to form a curved side wing.
  • It can be fitted to either, or both sides of the 310/B-3 mobile shield.
  • One curtain, when fully extended increases the shield width by 68 cm.
  • The maximum width with two side panels is 214 cm.
  • Curtains fold across the front when not in use.
  • Factory fitted only.