Ceiling track image showing carriage and cable management systemCeiling track image showing carriage and cable management system

Ceiling track and carriage


Heavy duty aluminium ceiling track supplied with one smooth running carriage.

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Ceiling track and carriage

The Kenex range of aluminium ceiling tracks provides strong and easy to install systems for suspending radiation shields, surgical lights and other suspended medical equipment.

  • Heavy duty aluminium tracks with a design patented by Kenex.
  • Optional Kenex cable management system (see below) fits tidily within the track thus, eliminating any hanging cables.*
  • Supplied with one smooth running carriage.
  • Maximum of 2 carriages can be fitted to provide independent movement of up to 4 devices.
  • Each carriage can be installed with its own independent cable management.
  • The ceiling track and carriage design simplifies installation to Unistrut (or equivalent) ceiling channels.
  • Shields with a ceiling column, can be fixed to a carriage.

3001/TC/250 (2.5 m aluminium ceiling track)
3001/TC/420 (4.2 m aluminium ceiling track)
Bespoke lengths are available on request.


Energy chain for use with 3001 series Kenex aluminium ceiling track

The 3001 series aluminium track manufactured by Kenex is designed to accommodate a separately supplied energy chain for easy management of equipment cabling. The energy chain can carry electrical supply cabling for suspended operating lamps or monitors, and can easily house contrast media cables.

The chain is supplied in two lengths (2.5 m or 4.2 m) corresponding to the track length, each supplied with all necessary fittings. They can be easily retrofitted allowing for tidy and effective management of cabling for any subsequently added equipment.  Each ceiling track can accommodate two separate carriages, both of which can utilise a separate energy chain. This means that a Kenex track can carry a wide combination of suspended equipment (up to four suspended devices) with all associated cables housed within the confines of the track. This system removes the requirement for a cable festoon system which can be unsightly.*

3001/TC/250/EC (2.5 m energy chain for use with 2.5 m track 3001/TC/250)
3001/TC/420/EC (4.2 m energy chain for use with 4.2 m track 3001/TC/420)
Bespoke lengths are available on request.

* Please note that a cable management system of some type is needed when suspending electrically powered devices.